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MW Thanksgiving Dinner

10 November 2009 5 Comments

This year’s annual MW Thanksgiving Dinner was held on 9 November 2009 at Crystal Phoenix Restaurant . The four tables reserved were filled by 7.30 pm, except for 3 or 4 empty seats, and Pastor Lee Peng Chiat was seated in the midst of his female flock.

The evening kicked off at 7.40 pm with MC, Ong Gaik Yeok, leading the ladies in praise and worship, backed by a ‘full orchestra’. We sounded good!
MW outgoing President, Joan Nga, came on next to welcome everyone, thanked the 2007-2009 MW Committee and welcomed aboard the new committee to be headed by Hong Chooi Ho.

Seeing that there were also ladies from the Chinese Worship Service, the MC graciously welcomed them in mandarin.

Since everyone was feeling empty in the tummy, food was served promptly at 8.00pm. The first course comprised the usual 7-taste platter. The cuttle-fish and celery fired with sambal udang , and the otak-otak found in this platter were spicy-yummy. The second course was the special dish that the Gaik Yeok had promised the ladies they would enjoy. A portable stove was put on each table and a pot followed, just like for steamboat. The content comprised a light herbal soup of pig-tail and yam. Cholesterol notwithstanding, we tucked in and concluded that it was quite a delicious combination.

The third course saw Pastor Lee Peng Chiat sharing about “Having Initiative” drawn from the example of Rebekah (Genesis 24). He shared that some people, like Rebekah, are initiators; they get the ball rolling; they get things done. Thank God for such people, of whom many are found among the ladies gathered at the restaurant this night. Rebekah’s initiative caught Abraham’s servant’s attention. Though it was common courtesy to offer a stranger water drawn from the well, Rebekah also took the initiative to water the 10 camels. However, Rebekah’s initiative was not always flavoured by wisdom. She plotted for her favourite son, Jacob to receive Isaac’s blessings over her elder son, Esau. While it is true that our misdirected and misguided actions will in no way spoil God’s plans, we need to be responsible and be willing to set aside our plans. The night’s message exhorted us to ‘have initiative tempered with God’s wisdom and guidance and not by our own impulse.’ Thank you Pastor for the reminder.

As the food continued to appear on the table, Doreen Khoo shared a Thanksgiving testimony. 2009 has been an eventful year for this sister, with quote ‘periods of sunshine interspersed with cloudy days’. Through it all she is thankful to God for at least 3 major things:
1. helping her mum to fight the good fight
2. blessing her son Soo Tian
3. giving her strength to care for her father and aunt
Her husband and girls have had their own trials this year as well. God’s word in Romans 8:28 has upheld all of them. Praise the Lord.
The evening continued with a mini karaoke competition consisting of 3 talented participants, Chrystine Poh, Lee Peh Lan and Tong Wai Sin. Just like Malaysian Idol show, the audience voted for the participants. While votes were being counted, Gaik Yeok entertained the ladies with her rendition of “On Top Of the World”. When the karaoke competition results were announced, the winner was none other than the very entertaining Dr Tong Wai Sin. Calls for an encore saw her going onstage again to put on a great performance of “Sha-la-la-la-la” with her two friends as backup dancers.

It was MW Thanksgiving Nite after all. So we had Loh Lee Fun giving thanks to God for upholding her when her mum, dad and brother were down with various ailments. Without God’s help and the prayers of the MW Prayer Chain and the whole church prayer network she would have ,quote “suffered a heart attack!”

Chrystine Poh also gave thanks for how God is continually taking care of her over the last 10 years since she became His disciple. Despite moving through so many towns in the course of her work God has faithfully ensured that she is taken care of wherever she is posted by surrounding her with caring brothers and sisters in Christ. She shared a song that has been meaningful to her. A line in the song goes like this “Dear God, though I’ve wandered so far, You know I’m still a man after your heart.”

How can MW Thanksgiving Nite be held without games? Chan Phaik Yew was gamesmaster for the evening. And what a master was she! She put the ladies through games extraordinaire. Nothing commonplace. Each group had to send up a representative for each round without knowing what you are in for! The first game saw a competition for the smallest waistline. Grace Chiam, representing Group Joy, won hands down (or should that be waist down). The next event required the competitiors to come back from their group with the biggest amount in coins carried in their hands only. Lim Siew Cheng, representing Group Love, managed to bring in coins worth RM11 plus. The other groups managed to collect RM4plus, RM5plus and RM8plus. All monies collected were generously donated to the MW Fund! Christina Loke won for her group, Hope, in the next event, picking up 8 glass marbles within 1 minute with a pair of chopsticks. Hurray for Christina – “You are a real Chinese princess!” The final event called for the longest stride. This event was won by Lai Meow Nee for Group Love with a stride measuring 140 cm. She must have learnt from her daughter Evelyn how to do the split. Kudos to Phaik Yew for ensuring that everyone had fun.

More fun followed with Geok Yeok conducting a quiz comprising general knowledge about Kedah: Which is the tallest peak in Kedah? Which is the tallest building in Alor Setar? What is the name of the international airport in Kedah? What does Alor Setar mean? No prize if answers are not accurately given! Very strict quiz-master.

The finale of the evening was line dancing – a performance put on by Dr Tong and her Taman Golf buddies; a lesson for the ladies; an evaluation to choose the best learner. The best line dancing student was Chrystine Poh, followed by Bee Cheow and Phaik Yew.

This brought MW Thanksgiving Nite to an end. A big round of applause was given to Ong Geok Yeok for organizing the whole event and many others for lending her a helping hand.

MW Boleh!

After the closing prayer by Lee Peh Lan, everyone went home – some bearing prizes, some not- but all wearing smiles on their faces. A light-hearted and enjoyable evening had been had by all.

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  • Amelia said:

    Looks like you gals (and guy) had fun!

  • Lee Peh Lan said:

    What a well written report of the memorable event!!!
    By the way, seeing Dr. Tong’s huge talent, I proposed to Pastor, Chui Hoe and Dr. Tong herself to put up an evangelistic musical drama based on the story of the woman at the well (John 4), of course, with Dr. Tong as the woman at the well! Thinking of incorporating songs like “Please Release me”, “I could have danced all night”, “I will follow Him” and an oldie entitled “Like the woman at the Well”. The drama will be followed by testimonies and a gospel message. I don’t mind heading the project. Anyone wants to join me? We will make Dr. Tong a star and Jesus, the superstar.

  • teoh saw ai said:

    A very comprehensive report. People like me who was not there also enjoyed even through reading this post and watching the photos taken. May I know who is the writer?

  • Amelia said:

    Siew Lan did this piece… Her name is right at the top hand corner.

  • teoh saw ai said:

    Thank you for your information. Sorry didn’t notice that. I was trying to find the name but it is so small and in small letters that I didn’t see it. After u told me I even took a few minutes to search for it.

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