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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Up Penang Hill…

This was yesterday.. we took our Church Community Tuition Outreach Programme students and MYF’ers up Penang Hill. There were around 40 of us… youths and adults. Other Half, Son and I went. Your truly ended up the sweeper… Sweeper punya kerja – sweep everyone up! Make sure nobody sesat or strays. Last 2 hikers made it up in 3 hours.

Penang Hill1

We started our hike at almost 9. It was raining but the youths were keen to give it a go in the rain. For many I guess that was one of the rare times they actually got to walk in the rain. 8) For safety reasons and also because many of these ‘city’ kids have not gone hiking before, we took the tar road up, though the jungle trail would have been more fun. But when we came home, read in the papers that 2 men were lost there for about 12 hours before being found.


The gradient was actually quite steep in certain stretches… As in any group, some were really fast and others, really slow. But whatever it is, once you start, you’ll have to plod on to the top of the hill; guess it’s very much like life. Once we begin, we have to plod on; high or low moments, life goes on. I always feel that hiking is a good activity… apart from the good workout that it gives, there are also many lessons of life one can get out of it.


View of Penang from the top! That’s Komtar sticking out in the middle. The rain sort of washed the haze that covered the island the day before. The view and cool air up there were actually quite nice.


This was a surreal scenery captured by Other Half from up there…

And these 2 were caught trying out the tandem bike… they didn’t get far on it. Found it difficult going and returned the bike for normal ones. Half an hour on the tandem is RM10, normal bikes go for half of that two.

Touristy behaviour… these kids were gathering around the cap stalls… The caps had all these hebat brands printed on them…. Most of them bought!


Going down was via the other alternative, the funicular train. But I feel they should not jam so many people into the train. There was hardly enough standing room. You’ve the change trains at the halfway mark. The trip down via the train would be a pleasant one minus the sardine packed conditions. The air became more humid after the halfway mark. Good thing it had been an overcast afternoon.


We saw this at the exit of the train station. We were half tourists, half hikers… so got the sequence of welcome and goodbye terbalik also. LOL! But it was a good outing for many of us. And for some, it was an achievement of sorts, being able to make it up to the top. That, I supposed is also another lesson about life… sometimes we think we are not cut out for certain things. But if we adopt an open mind about it, and prepare yourself mentally for the challenges, be determined and adopt a certain stoicism to the task ahead you might surprise yourself… and along the way, God will send people to encourage, remind, nudge you along too.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother’s Day

Last week we did this… at Lee Fun’s place. Wrapped up the presents to be given to all the mothers in church..
Mother's Day

These porcelain jars with covers are quite useful for soups. I’m putting mine at work. It’s great for making half boiled egg. Yummy!

And very aptly, we had this for tea…

Lorpo peng

Wife Cake… direct translation. LOL! All the way from Ipoh! Biscuit was really thin but quite nice, though. It has this sweet filling. There’re a few stories as to why…

In ancient China, there was a poor couple. They adored and loved each other, staying in a small village. When a mysterious disease spread, the husband’s father became very sick. Although they tried really hard to raise money to provide treatment for him, it wasn’t enough. Sadly, the wife decided to sell herself as a slave, exchanging herself for her father-in-law’s medicine.

Once the husband learned about what his wife did, he made a cake filled with winter melon and with a crispy crust. A cake for his wife. However, his cake became so popular that he was able to earn enough money to buy his wife back.

There’s another one in which the husband got himself into debts and sold his wife into slavery. Guilt laden, he made the biscuit in her memory… Can Google it…

Mother's Day2

Anyway, this is the end product. Many hands make light work. The youths distributed one to each lady over 21 in church. Mother’s Day is also MW night. Speaker for the night was May Chin from FGC… one of the rare lady speakers to grace the pulpit at WMC so far.

No fanfare for me this Mother’s Day. In fact I cooked dinner some more. When I came back, my gal had 2 cards for me. Very typical of her… thoughtful! One she made on her own, the other her teachers asked the students to make. When I was schooling, there was no such thing… Mother’s Day was just not something we ‘celebrated’. I guess times have changed, at least on the outside. But on the inside, I’m not sure. Mothers…. the pillars to who we are. Just that very often many of us take them for granted.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another visit to Precious Home…

We’ve been visiting this orphanage quite regularly at intervals.

Last visit was about 6 months ago… saw one or two familiar faces. But could not remember the rest. Some are temporarily abandoned while their parents undergo rehab. Hopefully, these families get a chance to be reunited again.

There were around 19 of us, including some youths. Hopefully the youths will feature more in our social outreach.

Decided to do a movie instead of putting up pictures. Flavour of the day now is iMovie. Been trying it out these last couple of weeks and it’s thumbs up, so far. Problem in putting in music since there’re copyright issues to deal with. So just hentam with one that doesn’t have-lah.

We brought lunch to share with them, also some clothes and toys. The kids were quite excited with the toys, mostly Lil Gal’s. She was quite apprehensive to part with some of them but we told her the kids there do more justice to them.

Kids like mine… they are fortunate, as in those who went. I hope they realise it. Without the family support, their paths would be so much more difficult. Who knows, some of them might actually be out there working for their own living now.

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